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Pain Management Trays

With the increasing demand for pain management in the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) market, many facilities are choosing the advantages of regional anesthesia over general anesthesia practices. PCA Pain Care Center supplies a full line of STANDARD PAIN MANAGEMENT TRAYS based on the most common configurations. Our organized and economical tray solutions will lead to more efficient procedures for your facility.

PCA Pain Care Center can also fulfill your needs with a CUSTOMIZED tray containing all the components you require. We can provide a cost effective method for reducing inventory, increasing staff productivity, and improving case efficiency.

Offering years of proven experience in the custom kit arena, PCA Pain Care Center supplies a broad selection of components to suit the various preferences of pain management physicians. A few examples of common procedures needing a custom tray are:

Single Shot Epidurals, Spinals, and Nerve Blocks.

We can create these kits and more using such items as:

Procedural Needles
Tuohy Epidural with and without Wings
Hustead Epidural with and without Wings
Quincke Spinal
Atraumatic Spinal

Fenestrated Drapes
Clear Plastic with various Fenestrations
Absorbant Paper with various Fenestrations

Procedural Syringes
Glass Loss of Resistance
Plastic Loss of Resistance
Clear Glass Spinal

Extension Sets
Prep Solution
Sponge Prep Applicators
Drug Label Sheets
Hypodermic needles
Plastic syringes
Sharps Safety devices

PCA Pain Care Center
10 Jack Casey Court
Fountain Inn, SC 29644
Standard Pain Management Trays
PCA Pain Care Center
10 Jack Casey Court
Fountain Inn, SC 29644
All kits are packaged in two-deck pre-formed trays wrapped in CSR.
10 sterile kits per case.
Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.
Single Use Only.
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